Formula Student Symposium

Formula Student Symposium 2015 is organised to bring engineering students and leading professionals of the automotive industry together.

2015-03-31 (Tuesday)2015-03-31 - 2015-04-01

Emission Reduction for Off-Highway Applications

Get an excellent overview on the latest technologies and trends in the world of off-highway applications.

2015-05-19 (Tuesday)2015-05-19 - 2015-05-20

Automotive Seating

The engineering level of car seats is continuously extended and perfected and innovation is progressing rapidly. Design and realization of automotive seats are therefore facing major challenges. They require specialists whose competencies must cover in-detail expertise as well as human-centered and holistic thinking.

The 15th edition of the International CTI Forum Automotive Seating will explore and highlight cutting-edge topics.

2015-06-09 (Tuesday)2015-06-09 - 2015-06-10

Automotive Allstars

Young Professionals of the automotive industry have few points of contact to network across companies. Automotive Allstars is an event especially designed for Young Professionals with a major focus on future trends.

2015-06-26 (Friday)

RoboCup 2015

RoboCup is an international initiative with the goal to promote the development of robots through organizing competitions.

2015-07-19 (Sunday)2015-07-19 - 2015-07-22

Emission Challenges

The CTI conference will bring together international experts and decision makers to share their contributions on current developments on emission reduction.

2015-09-21 (Monday)2015-09-21 - 2015-09-23

Automotive Security

Electronics in vehicles is constantly rising, which also means that more and more vehicle functions are being carried out by software. Thus it is becoming more important for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to protect these control unit components against unauthorized access or change.

2015-09-24 (Thursday)2015-09-24 - 2015-09-25

FISITA Summit in London

The FISITA World Automotive Summit is a unique and exclusive annual meeting of the world's automotive leaders.

2015-11-11 (Wednesday)2015-11-11 - 2015-11-12


EAEC-ESFA 2015 CONGRESS is a platform to exchange information in specific areas of the automotive industry.

2015-11-25 (Wednesday)2015-11-25 - 2015-11-27