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RoboCup 2016

30 June - 3 July 2016, Leipzig, Germany

Organiser: Leipziger Messe

RoboCup is the leading and most diverse competition for intelligent robots and one of the world's most important technology events in research and training.
The World Cup of robots combines a variety of interdisciplinary challenges from robotics, artificial intelligence, informatics, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering, among others.
Ever since 1997, the RoboCup Federation has been pursuing its objective of developing intelligent humanoid soccer-playing robots which by 2050 will be able to beat the current FIFA champions.
Additional application disciplines addressing diverse societal needs such as intelligent robots as assistants for rescue missions, in households and in industrial production have been added during the last few years.
More than 500 teams from 40 countries with 3,500 participants are expected to compete at the 20th RoboCup in Leipzig.

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